Different carpet usages and budgets require expert knowledge in order to pick the correct styles, densities and even color shades.  Do you want your carpet to last 20 years, or are you interested in keeping up with design innovations and changing every few years?  Tri-Co’s vast experience with carpet (since 1959) will correctly direct you for your project specific needs.  Carpet is definitely NOT a one size fits all commodity.

Carpet Tile

Carpet Tile is one of the simplest types of flooring to repair, as the tiles can be easily removed and replaced. Once a very expensive product, carpet tile pricing has become more reasonable and is an excellent choice for most flooring usages. We can help steer you to the proper Carpet Tile specification for each and every project.
  • Tab System Installation - Do you have an environment where sensitivity to smell and VOC's are an issue or high moisture content is problematic?  Then in certain cases glue-free environmentally friendly carpet installation with an an installation tab system is your answer!

Carpet Tile - Villa Gardens
Patterned Broadloom - Vi Retirement Home

Broadloom Carpet

Wide (12 ft.) or extra-wide (13'6") carpets are made in different densities to hold up light, medium, heavy and extra-heavy foot traffic or even traffic carts.  A myriad of patterns and colors are available in standard carpets and custom carpets are made to match just about any color or graphic design (including logos).  So many options are available that even designers and architects could use our competent staff's recommendations to assure the right fit for the project.

Moisture Barrier Backings

Contemplating new carpet but spills, pets, or other moisture sources are a problem?  Special carpet backings trap moisture from going through to the sub-floor underneath. New technology even neutralizes urine odor.

ESD Carpet- (see ESD Section for more information on electrostatic dissipative systems)

ESD Carpet is the most recent electrostatic dissipative innovation.  This option is an ideal product to keep noise down in busy manufacturing areas, and provides a warmer alternative to the sterile look of epoxy and resilient systems.

Custom and Specialty Carpets

Area Rugs - Villa Gardens
Area Rugs inset in Stone, Concrete or Wood make quite a statement as a focal point of a Building Entry or Lobby. While these are sometimes running line Broadloom carpet, they are usually exotic patterns and colors made specifically for a signature one-of-a-kind look. Tri-Co’s well-qualified staff will direct you to the right source for your specific budget and look.

Luxury Woven Vinyl is an indoor and outdoor product that delivers beauty, as well as durability and performance.  It is UV stable, fade resistant and antimicrobial. With a heavy-traffic rated vinyl backing, this product is easy to clean for those applications that require excellent soil and stain resistance. It is perfect for retirement home food lines and dining room halls, as well as heavy use corridors and activity rooms.

Luxury Woven Vinyl - Villa Gardens
Luxury Woven Vinyl - Villa Gardens