Decorative Concrete systems

Decorative Concrete provides an un-paralleled format for flexibility and creativity in flooring design options.  Tri-Co Floors has been instrumental in inventing many of the installation techniques being used in this industry today, and its capable staff will help you create a one-of-a-kind floor with durability to last the test of time.

San Diego Zoo Sydney's Gift Shop

On June 9, 2020 Tri-Co completed a custom Artflor TC (Trowel Coat) at the San Diego Zoo Sydney's Gift Shop near Sydney's Koala exhibit.  This tied into Tri-Co's installation of 15,000 sq. ft. of Stained Concrete Exterior Slab and walls back in 2013.

Stain Existing Concrete Slab

Stained Concrete is the least expensive and most rustic form of Decorative Concrete. Reactive Acid Based Stains leave translucent color on the concrete slab while showing through concrete patching, construction stains, chalk lines and other imperfections.  Due to the fact that stains are chemically reactive with the calcium hydroxide in the concrete, the resulting colors are limited to "earthy" greens, blues, browns, and terra cottas.

Multiple colors,  patterns and textures can be incorporated as well as logos and graphics. 

Microtopping/Trowel Coat- Artflor TC

Microtopping is the next least expensive Decorative Concrete system. There are several advantages to this type of Decorative Concrete.  First and foremost, color is integral and UV stable. This lessens the signs of daily wear and tear.  Even though it is a thin coat, it is very heavy-duty and can be applied outside.  This system's first coat (the bond coat) has a high sand content that makes it an extremely abrasion-resistant coating.  It was originally developed as an aircraft carrier deck coating.  The bond coat is coated with a secondary smooth coat that fills around the sanded bond coat.  Sometimes acid based stain and other accent color processes are applied to the new concrete canvas creating a completely one-of-a kind artistic floor.  

Self-Leveling 1/4" to 1" Thick- Artflor SL

This is the Decorative Concrete system choice for a premium installation system.  If a concrete or wood substrate has significant imperfections this is the system that will cover all those issues to create a flat and a level concrete canvas for decorative techniques.

Another advantage of Artflor SL Decorative Concrete is the ability to add high-end design accent inlays of thicker materials.  Some examples of inlays are slate, marble/stone, glass mosaics or even hardwood.  Sometimes room borders or entry focal points with inlays add an elegant touch to an already beautiful architectural concrete floor.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete can be applied on an internal or external project.  This type of Decorative Concrete provides an ideal slip-resistant surface around pools, spas or commercial building entries.  Many patterns recreate looks of old world stone and added with the correct coloration techniques actually take on an "earthy" appeal.  Some finishes look like sand, dirt or a light slate texture and can be combined with seashells, stones or rounded glass for a customized decorative walking or driving surface.