Resinous floors

Does your project require a thin-mil epoxy system, quartz resinous system or specialty coating for an animal cage, health code requirement or need for dissipative static charge?  Tri-Co’s extensive experience with floor coatings will give you an advantage in specifying the appropriate Resinous Floor as well as ensure an excellent installation!

Thin-Mil Epoxy

Thin-Mil Epoxy is a pigmented two-component, low odor Resinous Floor designed for moderate traffic.  These coatings are durable, sanitary and easy to clean.  They are stain resistant and virtually unaffected by oil, grease, gasoline, strong detergents and salt.  Some of these products can be installed up to 1/8" thick, and can be self-coved as base to meet health code requirements.


Double broadcast systems

Quartz Flooring

Quartz Floors can handle heavy traffic, harsh chemical spills, and can bond to almost any type of sound substrate (including concrete, quarry tile, brick pavers and plywood).  It is easy to clean and provides a seamless and decorative concrete finish that can be self-coved to meet health code requirements.  They are designed to guard against damage from hot cooking oils, grease, food and mineral acids and have superior thermal shock properties, while also providing good slip resistance.

Certain anti-microbial treatments will control microorganisms such as e-coli, salmonella and staphylococcus, mold, mildew and other odor causer.

The beneficial properties of Quartz Flooring make them ideal for a wide range of commercial, industrial and institutional settings.


Small or large chips, or a combination of the two can be applied in various finishes (matte, low or high gloss).  Various levels of slip resistance can be applied as well.


Double broadcast can be done in monolithic and seamless solid colors with various finishes (matte, low or high gloss).  Various levels of slip resistance can be applied as well.

Urethane cements

These cementitious urethane concrete coating systems are 100% solids and have a similar coefficient of thermal expansion to concrete, making them very resistant to thermal shock.  Therefore, they can withstand hot water discharges from boilers or steam cleaning unlike most other types of coatings.

They are generally applied 3/16" to 3/8" thick and have good slip resistance.  For wet areas, a specialty system for slip resistance should be specified.

Urethane cements are available in solid colors, small or large chips, quartz and other popular resinous designs.  They can even be made into customized systems specific to an end-users needs and appearance requirements (like matte, low or high gloss finish).

SD Zoo Richmond Street Restrooms

Product Type:  Epoxy Double Broadcast System/ Sealed with 3-Part Urethane

Southbay School District - Sunnyslope Elementary Restrooms

Product Type:  Urethane Cement with Chip System

SD Zoo Primate Cages

Product Type:  Double Broadcast System Solid Color