After more than 15 years of continuous use, the City of Vista, California, decided to replace the Gymnasium Sport Floor in the Jim Porter Recreation Center at their Brengle Terrace Facility.

Tri-Co Floors was selected to remove and replace the current flooring with a new vinyl sports floor. 7,800+ square feet of Gerflor Taraflex Sport M Plus with Dry-Tex was provided by Tri-Co Floors in a traditional Maple color. This material and installation system were selected not only because of its well-established performance history, but also as it provided a solution to future potential slab moisture vapor emission issues. Utilizing the entire system, of product, floor patching compounds and adhesives allows for Moisture Vapor Emission Rates (MVER) up to 100% RH. The floor itself is has a no wax surface resulting in ease of maintenance, and it is extremely stain resistant.

The existing sports floor was removed using a combination of mechanical and manual means. The exposed concrete surface was scraped clean, substrate imperfections were remedied using Gerpatch, and the slab prepared to receive new flooring. The new floor was then laid out for installation beginning with the actual 50’ x 84’ court surface first, allowing for placement of most seams under the painted game lines. As the material is manufactured in 86’-6” length rolls, the actual court surface contains no cross seams.
The material was installed using Gerpur DTx Adhesive and seams were heat welded using Gerflor weld rod to match the Maple floor.   As a component of our total package offering, Tri-Co Floors also provided the Game Line painting services, using the manufacturer required Endura Epoxy Paints, in the specific configuration and colors requested by the City of Vista. In this case one full size Basketball, two half size Basketball practice, and two full size Volleyball courts.
It is worthy of noting the floor being replaced after 15 years was also a Gerflor Taraflex Sport Floor. The City of Vista can now look forward to another 15 years, or more, of highly satisfactory performance from their new Gerflor Taraflex Sports M Plus Floor.


When the long-term single tenant of this 55,000+ Square Foot Corporate Center relocated Tri-Co Floors was contracted to provide remediation services to return the building to “White Box” condition.
After the interior ceilings, demising walls and existing flooring were removed by the demolition team, Tri-Co Floors began the concrete slab preparation by utilizing our extensive inventory of Computer Guided Planetary Diamond Grinding equipment to remove all residual adhesives, paint, and oils from the surface of the slab. Multiple planetary grinders were engaged in various areas on separate floors concurrently using both electric and propane powered units. The floors were then evaluated for penetrations, cracks and spall marks which were then filled using Portland Cement floor patching compounds. These repaired floor areas were then provided another pass of the grinding units to create a uniform almost new look concrete slab. Following a final clean and vacuum of the entire floor area Tri-Co Floors personnel applied a finish and protective coating of clear acrylic floor sealer. This finished floor allowed the owner to present the building in a crisp and clean condition, at minimal cost, while highlighting the openness, and magnitude of the interior building envelope.
The entire flooring scope of the project was completed in less than 15 days.