specialty Products

Specialty Products include-  Wall Systems,  Walk-Off Mats, Slip Resistant Safety Floors, Multi-Purpose Sports Floors, Gym floors and Water-tight floors for showers or commercial kitchens.  Specialty Products has been a business niche of Tri-Co’s since the 1970’s. Tri-Co literally has a reputation for the most qualified in-house installers in the Southern California market. This is critical to the successful installation of intricate and difficult Specialty Products.

Job: Quidel Dry Room      Product: Altro whiterock

Contractor: Jim Leek Builders

Job: Mission Hospital Pharmacy USP 800 
Product: Altro WhiteRock

Contractor: Diversified Architectural Ventures  

Luxury WOven Vinyl

Luxury Woven Vinyl is an indoor and outdoor product that delivers beauty, as well as durability and performance.  It is UV stable, fade resistant and antimicrobial. With a heavy-traffic rated vinyl backing, this product is easy to clean for those applications that require excellent soil and stain resistance. It is perfect for retirement home food lines and dining room halls, as well as heavy use corridors and activity rooms.
Luxury Woven Tile - Villa Gardens
Luxury Woven Vinyl - Villa Gardens


Compressed Quartz & Vinyl Tile is made to take high foot traffic and even holds up to forklift trafficked areas! This is an ideal specification for warehouse and industrial areas as well as typical highly trafficked commercial areas.

Quartz Tile is a problem solver for elevators. Many flooring products fail quickly in highly trafficked elevators, but Quartz Tile will hold up under the abuse.

Quartz Tile - Sharp Memorial Elevator

High Tech Textiles

These flocked flooring products have a solid vinyl reinforced base with a densely flocked surface of nylon fiber that are anchored firmly into the base layer. It is extremely dimensionally stable and has the optics and “softness” of carpet while being functional, durable and as easy to clean as any resilient floor.

The impervious cushioned backing makes this type of flooring waterproof. Therefore, worries of molding or odors being held in the fiber are eliminated. You can truly “WASH” this type of carpet to remove allergens, dust and other contaminants. This unique product is restored to mint condition after every cleaning.

High Tech Textile - Fredericka Manor

sheet vinyl

Altro "Orchestra" Sheet Vinyl - Ronald McDonald 

Safety Floors

Safety Floors are wet (or dry) slip resistant floors that are ideal for food service, surgery rooms, nurse-assisted bathrooms, veterinary, military gang showers, locker rooms, spas, saunas, pool surrounds as well as most commercial areas. They are designed to take the abuse of wheel chairs, gurneys, money carts etc.

Certain products have coordinating wall systems to make a completely water-tight installation.
Other systems have quick install tape systems (instead of using full-spread adhesives that need to cure over-night). This is a game-changer for projects that can’t afford a lengthy shutdown.

A professional assessment of the project variables for the best suited product, as well as properly trained labor to install are both paramount to long-term client satisfaction.

High Profile Base

Rich architectural detail without the high cost…. That is the bottom line with High Profile Base. Unlike painted wood base, the color is through and through and the Base has some resiliency that will absorb damages.

Installation is about one-half the time (as it is adhered with regular cove base adhesive) instead of having to be sanded, painted, nailed, filled and touched up with paint!

Why go to the expense of wood base when you have a myriad of profiles, colors, and less expense with High Profile Base?

High Profile Base at Vi Retirement Home


Walk-Off Mats prevent damage to interior floors by removing grit and grime from the bottom of people's shoes as they walk into a building.  They are highly recommended by flooring manufacturers at the entrance of commercial buildings.
Walk-Off Mats - Villa Gardens