Ceramic Tile/Stone & Concrete tile

Do you love the look of natural stone, but have high commercial traffic and need minimal maintenance?  Is your designer or architect considering your needs and requirements or just picking a floor that fits the “look” they want for your project?  Tri-Co’s staff has the proficiency in flooring to direct you to a long-term hard surface solution.  Today's high quality porcelain tiles give the rich, warm look of popular trends such as barn wood flooring, while providing extreme toughness and ease of maintenance.

Porcelain Tile - Shadow Mountain Church

HME Carlsbad, CA

Special Tile Installation Concerns

  • Waterproofing 
Commercial kitchen and restrooms are prone to flooding from plumbing backups, sudden bursts or slow leaks. This can lead to intrusions into other areas causing income and work production losses, especially when they trickle down several stories of a building!
Your ceramic tile experts at Tri-Co are educated and trained in products and installations that provide waterproofing containment. While considering added costs in the short-term, REALLY consider the long-term costs of potential water damage issues.
  • Self-Leveling for Porcelain Tile Panels
Porcelain Tile Panels are one of the coolest recent advances in ceramic tile manufacturing. They are as thin as glass and need to be installed somewhat similar to large panels of glass. They are inflexible and cannot span the ups and downs of most concrete slabs. Therefore, prepping the slab which usually includes self-leveling the slab (correctly) is paramount to a good installation of Porcelain Tile Panels. Tri-Co has been doing self-leveling since the 1980’s and can handle both the self-leveling of the concrete slab as well as the panel installation.
  • Crack Isolation & Uncoupling Membranes
Every concrete slab in the world has cracks, at least to a minor degree. There are many types and causes of cracking. Some minor hairline cracking may never be an issue, and others gap or ledge to cause severe cracking through the tile.
There are many products on the market and installation systems to mitigate concrete slab cracking telegraphing through ceramic tile. These come with various price tags and levels of insuring crack suppression and isolation. We will help you “navigate the waters” of crack suppression and find a correct solution for your budget and needs.

Types of Tile/Stone

  • Natural Stone
  • Porcelain Tile
  • Glass Mosaic
  • Large Format Panels
  • Quarry Tile
  • Interior/Exterior
  • Brick Veneer